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We are proud

This is Klokje Rond

Klokje Rond is a daycare with a distinct vision, a mission if you will.
We offer you the opportunity to go to work with peace of mind. The children are safe at Klokje Rond. They can simply enjoy themselves, play and work on their social development.
The right environment is key and plays an important role in a child’s development. We provide challenging materials and lots of space to grow. All in his/her own pace.
Our teachers are passionate about their work. They all are pedagogically trained and have respect for every child.

Additional Value

Our mission and vision

Our mission: helping parents to find work-life balance. Resulting in quality time at home. Klokje Rond contributes to this by offering children (ages 0-12) a safe environment to stimulate them in a positive way and to discover the world. In our homely and cozy environment we motivate them to participate in activities and practice their skills so that they develop broadly.

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Each child has its own pace


At Klokje Rond we value the opportunity to develop at your own pace. Our interior, the materials, toys, the activities and themes will encourage the children to choose for themselves. This is in sync with the teachings Emmi Pikler. Every child has its own talents and takes care of its own development. Every month there is a new theme to which activities are linked, such as songs, books or visual activities.
We often hear from parents and primary school teachers that children who have played at Klokje Rond are far ahead of their peers in their development. So do you want a daycare that ensures your child becomes independent, eager to learn and balanced? Klokje Rond is the place to be!

If a pedagogical teacher is concerned about a child’s development, she will discuss this with her teammates and with you as parents. Where necessary, we will draw up an action plan together with you. Sometimes we will contact school. With your permission, of course. So that the approach at home, at school and ASC is exactly the same. A consistent approach gives clarity to your child. We seize every opportunity to enable development for your children.

An extensive group of teachers

To make all this possible for your child, we have an extremely driven and passionate team. All our professionals come to work with only one goal: to give your child a fun day!

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What we do to ensure quality

To be sure all is well organized

We want all our children to be safe, physically and emotionally. Klokje Rond Childcare guarantees the safety of your precious baby boy or girl. Find more below about health & Safety at Klokje Rond.


Bon appetit -Enjoy your meal


It’s of great importance for us that children eat and drink healthy & responsibly. We’ve drawn up an extensive Nutritional Policy for guarantee. This Policy is according to current research and nutritional advice. We provide lots of fruit and vegetables so that the children get the necessary vitamins. We use as little dairy as possible and drink lukewarm tea, water or juice.

Together we know more

The Parents’ Council (PTA) of Klokje Rond

Every childcare needs the involvement of enthusiastic parents to form a Parents Council. These committed parents check all policies of our childcare. Have an input by the contributions of ideas how to make everything even more fun and better.

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