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Our toddler groups

for true explorers

The areas for our toddlers are geared to the age of the children so that they can develop optimally. The teachers work according to the teachings of Emmi Pikler. Her research shows that there are two conditions key for proper development of a child. These conditions are free movement and a reliable bond with an adult.

  • Lozzies
  • Grote Wijzers
  • Wekkers

A safe place for exploration.

We are the Lozzies and to us is most important to see your child as an individual. We want to get to know your child very well to build a very warm familiar band. Always be welcome and at home with us. We are primarily focused on stimulating teamwork. This happens during singing, chatting, reading aloud, (thematic) activities and all those other things that children pick up during the day. We ensure that the children really learn to see each other, notice the similarities and differences and respect eachother. Real friendships can arise. The children will be stimulated to do a lot independently. Enabling the will to try or ask a friend to lend a hand. All this is accompanied by a lot of humor.

New friends are always welcome!


Everyone can be themselves and develop at their own pace.
Kids ánd teachers are given the opportunity to offer safety, honesty, openness, patience, creativity and a dose of craziness.


A day at Wekkers is guaranteed: a day full of adventures, lots of (exploration) fun, learning moments and just playing together and tinkering with all the friends from Wekkers and the crazy teachers. We think it is very important that all children feel welcome and have the opportunity to be themselves.
Every child is unique and therefore fantastic! It is our task to provide a cool day in which we also stimulate self-reliance, take on challenges and learn to stand up for ourselves. Parent contact is also very important to us. Without your trust in us we won’t be enjoying this great job. We are grateful for this trust. After all, your most precious kid plays with us. Together with the parents, we aim to be in line, on the same path. We focus on the developments and needs of children. It’s so cool to see that parents go to work with peace of mind and their child goes on an adventure with us.


The teachings of Emmi Pikler

At Klokje Rond we work according to the teachings of Emmi Pikler. This Professor of Pedagogy believes that children should be able to develop freely. For this they need space and an adult to rely on. Our teachers offer both! They bond with your child and at the same time ensure that he or she has the freedom of movement to develop at his own pace. Unnecessary stimulation or helping ensures that children learn less. Children who develop at their own pace learn to move, research and play also learn to sit, stand, speak and think better. We do not intervene quickly. Only when it’s really necessary.

Daily routine

Lot’s of toys and activities are set up by arrival in the morning.
At 10 am. It’s time for fruit with water or tea. The children enjoy the morning snack together, in small groups at the table. After the fruit it’s time to play.
We try to get a breath of fresh air every day.
In our groups spaces are created with a variety of activities: crafts, puzzles, legos etc.
At 11:30 am. its time for lunch. The children choose their own sandwich, cracker and vegetables because of our ‘running buffet’ (More information about this can be found under the header ‘Running Buffet’).
After lunch some will nap and others continue playing.
Approximately 3:00 pm. it’s time for a snacks like cookies or veggies. We serve water and juice. The remaining part of the day consists of playing with new offerings. Exploring some more until children are picked up or eat their dinner with us.

Running buffet

What does this mean? All children sit at a table with their friends. Your child can walk to the buffet table himself, grab a plate and a sandwich of your choice (cheese or savory). In between the teacher walks by with drinking jugs filled with water, tea or milk. Your child may pour his/her own drink. When he/she finished a sandwich a new one can be picked out. The second selection is complemented with crackers, veggies and sandwiches with jelly for example. Your child repeats this until he/she had enough. Self-chosen lunch! Cool, right?



Klokje Rond works with monthly themes. In addition, we take care of challenging activities that stimulate development. All activities are in accordance with the teachings of Emmi Pikler. The children are introduced to shapes, colors and counting in a playful way. A preparation for school. With these thematic activities we work on the various development areas. We use visuals, music and books, among other things. The themes of Daycare and ASC are in sync. Children learn to make their own choices because there is a lot to offer. Exploration, playing and learning at their own pace and in their own way!
Developing talents and stimulating autonomy. Who doesn’t want that?


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