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Attention to your child

The teachers of our baby groups work according to Emmi Pikler’s teachings. The Swiss Professor of Pedagogy believes that children should be able to develop freely. For this they need peace and space to play and an adult they can rely on. Our teachers offer your child both. They bond with your child and at the same time ensure that he or she has the freedom of movement to develop at his own pace. Unnecessary stimulation or help hinders the learning process. In addition, they also learn to sit, stand, speak and think better for themselves. That is why we do not intervene quickly. Only when it’s really necessary.

Our Baby groups

  • BimBam
  • Kleine Wijzers
  • Seconde Wijzers
  • Tiktakjes

We think it is very important that both the children and the parents feel at home.
Transparency, open communication and sincere feedback are of great importance to us. We do everything we can to give ‘our kids’ the care, attention and stimulation they need.
In addition, we provide a safe, cozy, pleasant and challenging environment so that every child can develop at his / her pace. A great start on the road to adulthood.
We are warm and personal in our approach. The BimBam is kind of a small family, actually.


We think along with the parents. Everything in the interest of the child. We offer you lots of advise, if desired.
We believe that every child is unique. Together with him/her we walk the path from baby to toddler. When we identify a developmental delay, we make all the time available to discuss this in detail with the parents/caregivers. Maybe we come up with a plan of action that we can all agree on. We love when parents have peace of mind when they bring their child to our group.


Hello and welcome at Seconde Wijzers! We stimulate self-reliance, social development and we like to be creative with the children. If the weather permits we can be found outside, very often. Together with the children we make every day a fun day!


To us, every child is unique. Each with his/her own needs. It’s of great importance to us have an effective communication with you as parents. We’re open to feedback and want to know your wishes regarding our care. We have the same interest: your child(ren).
Key words: security, trust, safety, independence, personal development, fun and creativity.


Daily Routine

Our Baby Groups have a fixed daily routine, a rhythm. We take into account their natural rhythm or the routine they’re accustomed to at home.
When you arrive with your baby you take his/her coat and socks off. Bottle, food, sleeping bag etc stuffed in baby’s’ personal ‘drawer’. A teacher will greet you to hand over your child and discuss briefly about how the baby is doing.
The sleeping, changing and feeding times are noted on a whiteboard so you know how your child’s day went. A photo will be taken and send to you via WhatsApp daily. Very handy.
What do the babies do all day?

We play, eat fruit, play some more, have lunch, then play a little bit more and then either have a tasty dinner or go home.


Klokje Rond works with monthly themes and also provides challenging activities that stimulate children in their development. All activities at Klokje Rond are aligned with Emmi Pikler’s teachings.


A little fresh air

Weather permitting, we go outside every day to get some fresh air. There is a closed outdoor area for all groups, with materials to accompany the outdoor game. For the babies there are soft mats to play on. We also regularly go for a walk. Klokje Rond has a stroller for 6 kids, a stroller for 4 kids and twin-buggies. We can go out with anyone!



The care of your baby

To feel safe, it is important for your child to know who he can turn to. The ‘care teacher’ is the so-called ‘head leader’. Responsible for all changing and feeding times. The teacher has the peace of mind to make conscious and intensive contact with your child during feeding or changing. The way the teachers speak to the children contribute to a sense of security for your child. The ‘game teacher’ takes care of preparing materials and ensures that there is a lot of variation and challenge. She observes the children as they play and teaches them how to deal with conflict. The ‘preparatory leader’ is the third teacher of the group. She takes care of the reception, welcomes you and discuss details regarding your child.

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